Game & Brew: Skyrim Hearthfire and Einstok Beer Company

So Hearthfire came out not too long ago and I’ve been fiddling with the new features of buying a house, building rooms, and adopting children (keeping children in the basement with mounds of sweet rolls…creepy Hansel and Gretel thing I’ve got going on ). After 10 hours of playing with the new features…I can honestly say I was frustrated with the mechanics and outcome. It takes so much time buying and building the damn house that it becomes more about completing fetch quests instead of enjoying the building process. I love Skyrim to no end but I would rather go kill vampires and look for treasure instead of returning to a mill 700 times for more wood. Also a warning to first time builders: You can only put three additions to each house so if you build a library you do not get a kitchen. Total bummer.

On a positive Skyrim note I found these wonderful renditions of the different races by Darwin Yamamoto.

And what is a good session of Skyrim without some beer! Einstok beer is one tasty beast. The pale ale’s hops aren’t overwhelming and they compliment the malty goodness of the brew. Want a refreshing night of gaming, pick up Einstok. Feel like a true Nord.



Game & Brew: From Dust and Hangar 24’s Oktoberfest

So I was super stoked to get From Dust off of XBOX Arcade. You play as a god-like character (sort of looks like a glow worm) that shapes the environment to help save a tribe. You can move soil, water, and lava in order to build land bridges, erode terrain, or block incoming storms. You gain different powers as you move the tribe from area to area. You start to care for your tribal folk pretty quickly. I accidentally drowned half of my tribe…I was pretty heart broken ,_, The overall art style is beautiful and really creates some unique environments. My only qualm is that the loading screens when switching environments should change and not be identical. It takes you out of the game and makes you feel like you aren’t progressing.

This Game & Brew has nothing to do with each other except for the fact that I wanted to celebrate that Oktoberfest beer at Hangar has been released early. They tend to sell out pretty quickly and there are mobs of folks at their Redlands location trying to get their hands on it. This beer is refreshing and honestly their best beer. I tend to go for the Alt most days but when Oktoberfest is in town, GIMME THE GOOD STUFF! Also check out Hangar’s apparel for Oktoberfest…pretty fetching lol.

Game & Brew: Gravity Bone and Black Market Brewery

Simplistic, elegant, and refreshing. Developed by Blendo Games in 2009, Gravity Bone is a first person shooter that is just a hoot to play. It is short to say the least. I played it three times in one night just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. You play as Citizen Abel…that is pretty much all I can tell you without ruining anything lol. I know that the people just speak in “womp womps” and the character design is blocky, but the graphics are damn charming and the soundtrack draws you in immediately. If you have a Mac like I do, you will need a converter. Blendo has created a sequel called Thirty Flights of Loving that I will most def play even if it isn’t free like Gravity Bone bleh. Check out Blendo’s website HERE.

Black Market Brewery’s image always reminds me of Film Noir. When movies were gritty crime flicks about the hard boiled detective. The spy versus detective. Always a wonderful match up. The Brown Ale from Black Market has a chocolatey coffee richness that blends well with the hops. I know this is sacrilegious in the beer world, but I bet it’s pretty tasty with some vanilla ice cream! This brewery is still pretty small at their location in Temecula, but they do serve their beers at most places in SoCal. Check out their beers and distribution locations HERE.

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Game & Brew: NES Toaster

I’ll be back with the normal Game & Brew next week. I saw this NES toaster and couldn’t help but feature it for today. Just take my money -_-. This is just too awesome of a toaster. It still seems to be just a 3D model but I hope someone decides to pick up the design and make a real one. Check out more photos and info at MyBurningEyes’ page HERE.

Game & Brew: Botanicula and Woodchuck Hard Cider

Point-and-click adventure games will always have a place in my heart. It’s a genre that doesn’t get too much attention in the main stream gaming world. Thank god for developers like Amanita Design that continue to create the point and clickers like Botanicula. Botanicula follows a group of creatures that are on a quest to save the last seed of their home tree from being infected by parasites. You explore their home and get around obstacles by using the special talents of each creature. What makes this game amazing is its graphics and its use of sounds instead of spoken or written language. The environment is beautiful and lush switching from ethereal forest to creepy dilapidated tree trunks. Each character is lovable and has their own unique personality and look. Once again, Amanita Designs has created a wonderful and playful game that is worth picking up.

It’s a little ironic that I put woodchuck hard cider next to Botanicula, but I thought that the sweet taste and bright flavor matched well with the graphics and happiness of the game. I found the pear and raspberry cider at World Market but you can find out about their other flavors HERE. This hard cider is a good refresher and tangy drink for the hot SoCal summer.

Game & Brew: Gourmet Gaming

I wanted to feature a food website that combines my two loves in life: gaming and cooking. It’s called Gourmet Gaming! This little lady recreates foods like sweetrolls from Skyrim and the cake from Minecraft. She even rates the difficultly for each recipe so even beginners can join in on the cooking fun. I’m so smitten with this site because she revisits and cooks from older games like Beyond Good & Evil. Check out her site HERE for recipes and photos.

Game & Brew: Deadlight+Dead Guy Ale

You play as Randall Wayne. A man searching for his wife and child during a zombie outbreak in Seattle. Ok so the plot seems pretty Resident Evil-esk, but what makes this game worth the 1200 Diseny Dollars *cough* I mean Microsoft points is the art style. This side scrolling adventure takes its stylings from comic book structuring and framing. Each area you come across is like playing through the panels of a comic book page. The visuals of dark foreground figures and detailed cityscapes pushed me to explore the grimy zombie infested areas. I enjoyed crawling through the masses axing zombies in the face. My bf and I pretty much ran out of two player games for the XBOX and found that switching off every other scene was a lot of fun and the puzzles are enjoyable when solving them as a team. A major downside to Deadlight is that there is a bug in the game where it will tell you that there is no room on your hard drive to save and that it will be unable to save your progress. I freaked out when I saw this, but no worries. The XBOX still saved our game but the message just keeps popping up *shrugs*. Also the end sequences can be unforgiving at times with long sequences and no check points in sight so that can get frustrating at times. Overall though it’s a fun side scroller with nice graphics and lots of zombies to kill/run away from.

Dead Guy Ale and zombie outbreak seemed a nice pair for this week. Made from the lovely brewing company Rogue Ale, Dead Guy Ale is a malty and rich brew. Quite refreshing actually and some what comparable to Arrogant Bastard from Stone Brewery. Pair it with a thick steak like we did and you will have one wonderful dinner for two. Also this label is a beauty. I would totally stick a candle in this one and use it as a table setting lol.